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Sam &

Monday 02.09.2024 - Thursday 05.09.2024

Casa Cornacchi, Via Capitan Goro, 12, 52021 
Bucine Arezzo

The Wedding Week

Monday September 2nd 2024 -

Thursday September 5th 2024

We are delighted to invite you to the celebration of our marriage

We're so excited to have our closest family and friends joining us in our favourite place in the world to celebrate our marriage.

Kindly RSVP by 15th March

Accommodation due by 15th April



Tuesday September 3rd 2024 5pm

Casa Cornacchi
Via Capitan Goro, 12, 52021 Bucine AR
52021 Bucine Arezzo


Tuesday September 3rd 2024 7pm

Casa Cornacchi
Via Capitan Goro, 12, 52021 Bucine AR
52021 Bucine Arezzo

Our Story

Our Love

In May 2019, Hannah and Sam met through mutual colleagues at Enterprise where Han had recently begun the graduate scheme. Throughout the following year, we got to know each other a bit better and became friends who would occasionally go out for work drinks with mutual colleagues.
In 2020, Sam changed offices which meant he and Han worked in much closer proximity. We began working together much more and therefore going for more drinks after work! Soon, Sam asked Han out and we went on our first date to the Botanist where many cocktails were consumed and we swapped travel stories all night long.

Han made it clear early on, that Sam would need to impress her dog Charlie if they were ever to be serious. Luckily there was a mutual love early on, and Sam is still Charlie’s best pal.

In late summer, Han’s family booked their annual trip to Cornwall and Sam joined. The first of many family holidays - a bit of a shock for Sam when he was taken on a 10km walk on what was supposed to be a relaxing trip! Lots of good food and drink were had, and many card games played.
2022 marked a great year of travel for us - our biggest mutual love. In March 2022, we went to Malta to celebrate Sam’s birthday for a long weekend. Not long after returning from Malta, we had an offer on a house accepted. We were so excited to take our first step onto the property ladder and be moving in together! Luckily Charlie approved of the house and the garden too!
In June 2022, we went to Italy for Han’s birthday. We joked that when we got married, our dream location would be a Tuscan vineyard.

IMG_7668 2.JPG
IMG_4866 2_edited.jpg

A month later we went to Tenerife with Sam’s family and spent the week sipping on Sangria and trying all the best restaurants Tenerife had to offer. 
Roll on September and we headed across the Pond to Canada so Sam could meet Han’s friends! We stayed at Hans childhood home and went back to all her old favourite restaurants, hikes and beaches. Luckily Han’s friends approved and Sam confided in them he planned on proposing soon.
In December we spent our first Christmas in our new home and hosted Christmas Day with both families staying around.
On January 10th 2023, Sam popped the question and got the quickest yes ever! We FaceTimed friends and family at 10pm to tell everyone and were so overjoyed!

Once we started wedding planning, there was no doubt in our minds we wanted to get married in Tuscany, with a glass of Chianti in hand. It seemed only fitting, given our mutual love of travel that we’d tie the knot abroad!
We’re so excited for this adventure and what the future holds - we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone!

Getting There

By Flight

By Train / Car

Siena is a 2hr train ride from the previously mentioned airports and from Siena, Casa Cornacchi is a 30 min drive. There is parking onsite for anyone who drives / rents a car.

Once You're There

Casa Cornacchi is close to main airports such as Florence, Pisa, Rome, Perugia and Bologna and major motorways and highways yet set in pristine Tuscan countryside.
It is also located close to all major Tuscan destinations, celebrated landscapes, cities of art, wine production areas and fashion malls.


Where to Stay

We have rented the entire venue, so please join us staying onsite at Casa Cornacchi


We have lived together for a while now, we have everything we need. We are so grateful you are spending your time and money to celebrate our wedding abroad with us. We are excited for your presence, not presents. 

Gifts are really not required, we are just looking forward to celebrating with everyone! X

You Must Have Some Questions

Wedding Colors

The below colours will be featured in the wedding. The bridesmaids will be wearing champagne, the groom and groomsmen will in brown.

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